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Want the inside scoop on some of Oregon’s best RV parks? How about helpful tips to keep your RV running smoothly? If you are looking for Oregon travel information or RV tips, you have come to the right place.

Oregon RV Lifestyle is a group of RV experts that specialize and are focused on Oregon and everything it has to offer for RVers and families that love to camp. We search for places to visit, events and activities in the great pacific northwest of Oregon. We also offer tips and products to enhance your RV and camping experience.

Our goal is to inform you – the RV buyer, seller and/or researcher on everything you need to know to make the best decisions while RV’ing throughout the great Northwest. The Oregon RV lifestyle is an enjoyable experience, and we want our fellow RV’ers to be educated and prepared for what may come their way.

A Message from Mark Nored

As a salesman and consultant at Guaranty RV in Junction City, I enjoy sharing my knowledge about RV'ing in the great state of Oregon. Whether it's explaining the features to look for in an RV, the pitfalls to avoid when shopping for an RV or​​ which Oregon campgrounds are the best, I love helping people when it comes to the RV lifestyle. I'm more than just a RV salesman/consultant. I have experience owning RV's (both gas and diesel Class A), and have camped and traveled in an RV. I've experienced towing a tow rig, fixing slides that leak and jacks that wont go down. I've also been fortunate to experience family fun traveling up and down the west coast.

I am passionate about RVing and ​started the Oregon RV Lifestyle community because I wanted to help fellow campers get the most out of their RV. My goal is to be more than just an RV salesman/consultant, by providing a resource for Oregon travel and adventures all year round. Oregon RV Lifestyle is also a way to give back and go the extra mile for my clients and other RVers/campers looking for places to visit and activities to do. Check out some of the blogs on this site, and click here to sign up for more helpful information. Welcome to the Oregon RV Lifestyle!

- Mark Nored

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